Engineering is a very broad discipline, encompassing a range of specialized fields. The four main branches are chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering; but there are numerous others, including manufacturing, agricultural, environmental and biomedical, to name but a few. We have the technical expertise to ensure that your business is always adequately covered in line with your specific engineering application and associated risks.

  • Contractors’ All Risk
  • Erection All Risk
  • Computer All Risk
  • Plant All Risk
  • Principal’s Advance Loss of Profits
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Business Interruption following Machinery Breakdown
  • Boiler Explosion
  • Deterioration of Stock
  • Electronic Equipment and Electronic Data Processing
  • Contractors’ Plant and Equipment



Liability insurance is essential to ensure that you are covered against any legal or similar claim raised by a third party due to negligence in the event of causing physical injury, or damage to their property or possessions. We ascertain the relevant risks or hazards, and make sure that your business and professional staff are adequately covered and defended, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Completed Operation and Products Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Professional Indemnity  
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
  • Employer’s Liability & Workmen’s Compensation
  • Carriers’ Liability



Without adequate protection against fire and allied perils, and other specialized risks, your business may not be able to survive a crisis. Whatever your type of property – be it an office, retail outlet, warehouse, factory or major industrial complex – we have the experience to arrange the most appropriate comprehensive cover, so that you can carry on with ‘business as usual’.

  • Fire & Allied Perils
  • Property All Risk
  • Business Interruption following Property Damage


Employee Benefits

Your employees constitute the heart and soul of your business. It is therefore imperative to protect their health, ensure their well-being, and maintain their loyalty with the right range of benefits. In today’s competitive business world, retaining existing staff and attracting new talent are major challenges. We have the knowledge to arrange different employee benefit policies to cater for all your human capital needs.

  • Group Life
  • Medical Schemes:
    We provide tailored insurance schemes to meet clients’ different needs. Most of the policies take into consideration the approved wording of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI), and amend it to the specific requirements of insured clients. These schemes are underwritten by a Saudi-based insurer who has direct billing facilities with CCHI-accredited hospitals and clinics around the Kingdom.
  • Group Critical Illness & Disability
  • Group Travel Insurance



Marine insurance protects your specific vessels and their particular cargoes against a range of perils. These include damage to a vessel’s hull and machinery; and loss or damage during transportation by which goods are acquired, transferred and held between the points of origin and final destination. We have the technical experience to ensure that your vessels and cargoes are adequately covered, so that your business continues to deliver.

  • Marine Hull
  • Marine Cargo
  • Marine Cargo Stock Throughput
  • Goods in Transit



In a region that is founded on the energy business, it is critical to ensure that you are properly protected against an increasing range of risks. Energy insurance covers not only oil and gas, petrochemicals, and power generation, transmission and distribution; but also new renewable energy technologies such as wind farms, and solar and hydro-electric power. We have the technical expertise and industry experience to provide you with comprehensive cover relevant to your particular energy sector and specific business risks.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Business Interruption
  • Offshore & Onshore Risks


Financial Lines

In today’s challenging and volatile market conditions, commercial and financial institutions face heightened operational risks. History has shown that in economic downturns, both the incidence of fraud and the frequency of liability claims, increase. We have the expertise and experience to provide the appropriate insurance cover to ensure that your business keeps functioning effectively, even when the worst happens.

  • Money Policy – Cash in Safe / Cash in Transit
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Crime
  • Bankers’ Blanket Bond
  • 3D Policy – Dishonesty, Disappearance and Destruction


Motor Fleets

Fleet insurance covers all types of vehicles – from cars, vans and trucks to heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), mobile cranes and hazardous material transporters. If you are engaged in the motor, transportation or logistics industries, we have proven expertise and experience to help ensure that your fleet is adequately covered, and that your business keeps running smoothly.

  • Private cars
  • Commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, public transport)
  • Special types (loaded vehicles)
  • Exhibitors and Motor Traders


Additional Lines

In addition to the lines above, we can arrange insurance cover against a range of other business risks, including the following:

  • Aviation (covering aircraft, passengers, third party liability, loss of license, airport premises and operator’s liability)
  • Credit
  • Crop
  • Livestock
  • Bloodstock
  • Terrorism
  • Decennial
  • Product Guarantee & Product Recall